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  • I have never dyed, but I would like to deal with the topic. How do I get the information I need?"
    Dying wool or yarn is not difficult in itself, but in addition to the necessary time, it also requires a suitable place to dye. You can get a lot of information via You Tube but also in the various groups on Facebook (we dye our wool ourselves). Here you can ask questions and get help. From time to time live coloring takes place on our Instagram profile. Otherwise you will find basic information under the menu item INFO.
  • Is there a coloring guide?
    You can find basic instructions for dyeing animal and vegetable fibers under the menu item INFO. However, we cannot convey special techniques at this point. Here Youtube is a good source to look up one or the other. At this point it should also be said that every dyer keeps his secrets secret like a herbal witch. :-)
  • Why is there an * after the name of some reactive colors?
    This should help you with the dosage of the colors. As a rule, the reactive colors are dosed with approx. 2 g per material to be colored. Is behind * - it is 4 g and with ** it is 8 g. Just easy :-)
  • I have seen a coloring and would like to color it again. How can you help me?
    Unfortunately not at all. Not because we can't, but because we don't want to. Yarn dyeing is a creative act. Like a painting being painted, a song being written... Break free, get inspiration but dye your yarn. So it really becomes something very special that you really enjoy.
  • A product is out, when will it come again?"
    As a rule, our supply chains are coordinated in such a way that there is always enough of each item available. However, bottlenecks may occur due to increased demand. As a rule, the products are available again within a week.
  • The color powder looks different than the same color from a previous delivery!
    It can happen. This is not due to us, but to the manufacturers of the paint, who also have to change the recipe from time to time. We recommend trial dyeing before each dyeing.
  • Are there safety data sheets for the items?
    The safety data sheets for the dyes are available under INFO.
  • I have a voucher code - how do I redeem it?
    As soon as you display the shopping cart, you have the option of entering a voucher. To do this, click on the colored text "Redeem voucher". The input field will then open.
  • I have a gift card - how do I redeem it?
    As soon as you display the shopping cart, you have the option of entering your gift card. To do this, click on the colored text "Redeem voucher". The input field will then open.
  • I have a VAT ID and would like to make a purchase as part of intra-community delivery. Is that possible?
    It is possible. After entering the email address, the shipping address and the shipping method, you have the option of entering your sales tax ID. Please keep in mind that this number will be checked by the competent office in the country and that VAT will be charged in the event of irregularities.
  • I live outside the EU. Do I have to pay sales tax?
    No. As soon as you enter a country outside the EU in the address, we do not charge VAT. From then on, this will no longer be displayed. Please note that in addition to the billing address, the shipping address must also be in a non-European country. Please inform yourself accordingly about any customs fees and charges. We cannot provide any information on this.
  • What payment options do I have? Can I buy on account?
    You can currently pay by Paypal or credit card. Payment by bank transfer is also possible. After the purchase you will receive your invoice, which you can still pay via Paypal or bank transfer. Please enter your order number or invoice number here. Then we will ship your order. If you do not receive the message "Order paid" within one day when paying via PayPal or within three days when paying via bank transfer, please contact us.
  • I have a business, are there any discounts?"
    Our prices are calculated so that they are the same for everyone. The private customer usually buys smaller containers and does not need larger quantities of the same colour. If you are looking for larger quantities of yarn (from 5 kg), we will be happy to help you with the procurement.
  • I forgot to order something. My package has not yet been sent.
    Ohhh man, this has happened to everyone. HOW DOOOOOOF.... No problem, as long as your order has not yet received the shipping status, you can still reorder within 6 hours. Please enter the order number of the first order in the comments and choose pickup in the shop instead of shipping. You save the second shipping cost.
  • Where's my bill?
    Invoices are automatically sent by email within 2 hours of purchase. In exceptional cases, email inboxes are happy to sort invoices into the spam folder. If you cannot find it in your mailbox by searching for the order number, please contact us by email.
  • I live in Switzerland or outside the EU, how can I get my goods?"
    We ship our packages with DHL. In the case of direct delivery to non-European countries, there is usually a customs clearance. We prepare these as far as we can with the necessary documents and attach them outside the package. In exceptional cases, the dispatch may be delayed by one day for processing. The partner company My Purchasing offers a special service for orders to Switzerland. You can find more information under INFO.
  • With which shipping service provider do you ship?
    We ship exclusively with DHL nationally and internationally.
  • How much is the shipping?
    You can find information about shipping costs under the menu item INFO.
  • I haven't received my package yet, what can I do?"
    After shipping, you received an email from us. This includes the tracking number. You will also receive information about the shipment status from DHL or your national shipping service provider after the package has been handed over to the DHL partner company. Please also check your SPAM folder. If you find that the last SCAN of the package is 7 days ago, please contact us.
  • I have not yet received a tracking number for my package. What can I do?
    There can be various reasons. Has your order been paid? As soon as we record receipt of payment, we will send your package and you will receive a notification from us and DHL. Have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes these disappear :-) Everything checked? Then feel free to ask us, we've definitely got it.
  • My delivery does not match my order!
    Oh how annoying. We are always working to keep the error rate as low as possible, so that it really rarely happens. We know how annoying this is and are trying to find a solution quickly. Send us an email quickly.
  • The content of the package is damaged!
    It is very rare for our packages to arrive damaged. Namely when the heavy wine crate falls on our package in the distribution center. If the package arrives damaged on the outside, please document this with the delivery person. If you only notice damage when you open the package, please inform us, stating the order number and please attach two or three meaningful pictures to the email. We will find a quick solution in this case.
  • Are there instructions on how to color with the colors?
    Yes, there are basic instructions and a dosing aid under the menu item INFO.
  • What is the difference between reactive and acid paints?
    The distinction is always made according to the goods to be colored. Animal fibers are always dyed with acid and heat. Reactive as well as acid colors are suitable. Plant fibers always require a basic environment and time to fix. Only reactive colors are suitable here.
  • My coloring result does not match the desired hue. Where are sources of error?
    The following questions should be asked: Did I choose the right color for the right material? Did I choose heat and an acidic environment for animal fibers or an alkaline environment for plant fibers? Have I followed the dosing instructions? A lot doesn't help much, as some pigments are more soluble in water than others. However, if the dyeing water is saturated, it cannot absorb any further pigments, which would be important for the development of the dyeing. These usually sink to the ground and are then missing. Therefore, always start with a little color.
  • I have an animal fiber with a vegetable component. How should I color?
    Always decide based on the fiber with the largest share in the yarn. Merino 60% Nylon 40%. Coloring with acid!
  • The colored powder looks completely different than the color I want to color. Did an error happen?
    Don't panic. Often the powder will look different than the color you want it to come out. We recommend a test dyeing before each dyeing. Please be sure to follow the dosing instructions here.
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